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Hermle 451-053 SK Replacement Clock Movement Westminster Chimes

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451-053 SK - Hermle Mechanical Movement


Direct from Germany

Hermle Clock Movement 451-053 SK

Only Available in 94cm and114cm Pendulum Lengths

Complete 8-day weight-driven Westminster Chime movement. 

Chains Included.

Chimes on quarter-hours and strikes out the hours.

Clock Instructions


  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 mm, with an internal distance of 32 mm between the plates.  The movement is 5 1/2" deep, from tip of hand shaft to back of last hammer.
  • Hand shaft: 53.2 mm.
  • Escape Type: Auto or Dead Beat.
  • 8 Hammer back.

Movement and chains only - pendulum and weights are not included.

Two Year warranty

Direct from Germany.



Please Note:  Low Bridge movements will be flat across the top.  High Bridge movements

will have an arch ( Bridge) across the top of the movement.

Low bridge movements are usually Dead Beat and High Bridge are usually Auto Beat movements.

Your movement will be marked on the backside with the item number and below will be the pendulum length needed.

Example: 451-053










Three Year Factory Warranty.

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